Eternal Spring Massage

Available in 45, 60, 75 and 90 minute lengths. Therapeutic, relaxing and rejuvenating blend of massage, aromatherapy and steam towels and partial hot stones. Great for relieving stress and promoting overall health.

Foot & Hand Reflexology

Clothing-on massage for relief of pain in your outer extremities. Acupressure massage for your neck and head, plus steamed towels and aromatherapy scalp massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a gentle relaxation massage, usually in a side lying position. Postpartum massage works the whole body, with emphasis to the abdomen

Miho Purcell

Miho Purcell

Hi, I'm Miho, a massage therapist living in Portland, Oregon.


I am based out of the Cypress Beauty & Wellness Center, in the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood. My technique is a blend of Acupressure, Shiatsu and Swedish massage, and am very interested in helping you find balance with your mind and body.


Each massage treatment is customized for your peak wellness benefit. There are no "routine" massages given here. My goal is to help you to feel better and live a healthy life. I will listen to your needs as we work together to find your eternal spring.


Some of my interests are

  • Mixing new and invigorating aroma oils
  • Improving myself though yoga and relaxation studies
  • Continued studies of the healing arts
  • Providing pregnancy and after-birth massage
  • My family and my community


Please take a look at my calendar to book a massage.


My Availability


Regular hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Other days and times possible upon request.


Book with me at my up-to-date calendar:



To buy a gift card or book a massage, call or text me at 503.572.9234 or drop me a line at

One day I got the urge to have a massage, and not well-pleased with any of the massage therapists I'd used in Portland before, called the spa where Miho works, because it was handy. Two minutes with her had me knowing she was much more than "handy," she is a gifted healer. Her gentle touch, intuitive ways, and calm presence makes the massage experience other worldly. I would recommend Miho without reservation, and in fact, do. Constantly.

Carrie Wilson Link (Portland Author)

Miho is an artist.

Frank Purcell (biased opinion from her husband, who at one time was her best client -- that was before she became a professional and no longer had the need for a practice dummy.)